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We invite you to visit Fidalgo Massage for a stress reducing, relaxing, healing massage. We specialize in health enhancing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Maternity/Prenatal, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Injury, Relaxation, Geriatric Massage and more!

We pride ourselves in providing professional therapeutic services in a warm, professional and comfortable manner. We welcome energetic youth, active adults, senior citizens, the young at heart, athletes... and you!


About the Therapist...
Hello to my fellow islanders and friends of Anacortes!

I, Rachael Whittall, am the Owner and Licensed Massage Practioner of Fidalgo Massage. My office is located in Anacortes, WA on Fidalgo Island. A graduate of the Spectrum Center School of Massage, I utilize over 16 years of professional massage and spa experience. I've had an intense, continuing education in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Maternity/Prenatal, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Spa Services, Reflexology Treatments and more. I am enthusiastic in healing my clients so they can live in optimum health and enjoy the best quality of life!

I invite you to experience your next massage to be in the relaxing, warm, and healing environment you deserve. The minute you step into my office, your relaxation begins. If you have any questions, I can be reached by phone, email or in person. I'm happy to answer any questions and provide a custom treatment plan at no obligation.

I hope that I can have the honor of serving you.

Rachael Whittall
Owner, LMP
Fidalgo Massage

Swedish Massage
Great for relaxation and to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, and improve flexibility. Treatment is designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage
A vigorous, more intense and focused form of massage designed to loosen inflexible muscles. Great for releasing adhesions or “knots” caused by chronic muscle tension.

Hot Stone Massage
Warm, smooth stones are used over the entire body for an incredible massage. The warmth of the treatment relieves pressure and tension and elicits physical healing and mental relaxation.

Focused treatment on the changes and concerns of each trimester. After birth, treatment will assist in restoring the body back to its normal condition.

Based on an ancient Chinese therapy that uses pressure-point massage and manipulation of specific reflex areas in the foot that correspond to other parts of the body.

Injury Massage
Specifically targeted massage that helps soft-tissue injuries (such as muscle pulls and strains, tendonitis, ligament sprains, and whiplash) heal faster. Reduces spasm, pain, swelling, and formation of excess scar tissue. Also breaks up excess scar tissue and adhesions that weaken muscles and contribute to further injury.

Relaxation Massage
Melts away worry and stresses with smooth flowing style to relieve tension, improve circulation and promote a refreshed, relaxed feeling.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being.

"I've been to various therapists in and around Skagit County for massages, but none are as good as this place. Rachael is the best! Her office is so beautifully decorated and relaxing, and she takes her time to give the best massage. Try her once and you will be so glad you did!"

"I got my husband an hour and half massage for his birthday last month and he really enjoyed it. My husband is already begging to go back!"

"For 6 years I went to a male therapist but his thumbs started to give out, so I had to find another. For years, I tried but could never find anyone to match his abilities. Finally, I found Rachael and am back in Heaven. Rachael knows how to find the points of muscle pain and gradually erase them. Just don't take my weekly time slot!"

"I was experienceing shin pain from running that has been lingering for years. After many unsuccessful attempts, I pretty much gave up on getting it fixed. I was going to my Chiropractor for an unrelated issue and booked a massage with Rachael on a whim. I told Rachael that I had shin splints and asked her to see what she could do. Even if she hadnt fixed whatever was bugging my legs it would have been one of the best massages I'd ever had. A couple sessions later and I was running pain free for the first time in what seems like forever. Thank you Rachael!"

"I am very curious what is going on while Im on a massage table and tend to ask what the therapist is doing. Rachael has an answer for any question I ask (and she knows what she is talking about). Rachael is very, very good. Do yourself a favor!"

"I was referred by a friend, and for good reason. I got a full body massage from Rachael and it was amazing! It was very relaxing and comfortable. I had a lot of tension when I entered and felt amazing after the massage... and am still feeling the results! I definitely recommend Fidalgo Massage to anyone who needs an excellent, relaxing massage."

"As a former massage therapist, I have to say that Rachael is one of the best therapists I have ever been to. I like firm pressure in my massage and she easily provided that and could have gone lighter or harder if I asked. When doing a whole body massage she pays extra attention to your problem areas rather than just skimming over it like others might. As every one else has said, the atmosphere is very relaxing and the minor touches like having hangers for your clothes and water aferwards makes this a fantastic place."

"Rachael is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! I was injured a few months ago and just recently started going to massage as part of my rehabilitation. Rachael has gifted hands and is particularly skilled at working on my neck. Each massage I have had has been exceptional and I leave each session looking forward to the next. I am so grateful to have found her as she has truly helped relieve my excruciating pain. Not only are her skills great, she's also a really warm and friendly person. I was completely comfortable with her the moment we started talking. I totally recommend a visit with Rachael - she really is that good!"

"I had been to a number of therapists who chatted at me during the massage. Rachael is quiet, calm and centered and she instantly makes me feel relaxed. The massages are so amazing, my only complaint is that sometimes I have to try to stay awake to enjoy them!"

"Rachael gives awesome deep tissue massages. She is very professional and knows her stuff. She even showed me stretches I could do at home to help with my "problem areas" I've heard hot stone treatment does wonders and I am definitely getting an appointment for that treatment soon. You won't regret seeing her!"

"Rachael's office is my little peaceful paradise. There's calm music playing, peaceful decor, free bottled water, hangers for your clothes. Rachael listened to my needs, where I was experiencing pain etc, and constructed a really fantastic massage. I never once felt uncomfortable or out of place. Modesty is completely respected at all times. The massage was firm and gentle all at once. Once or twice she would ask me how the pressure was, and make any adjustments if necessary. She really focuses on making sure that every client leaves her office feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I walked in her office with my back so tense that it hurt to even sit or stand up. When I walked out, my back was completely knot free. I felt like Jello. An overall resurgence of my sanity and an abundance of happiness ensued. I would recommend Rachael to absolutely anyone and everyone."

"I went to see Rachael today for the first time and had a great massage. She listened to my issues and really worked out the muscle spasms. Im feeling great now! She really seems to enjoy what she does and it shows. Parking was easy (plenty of it) and her office was easy to get to (behind Skagit bank). She doesn't take credit cards so she was kind enough to let me mail a check. I will defiantly be using her again. It's like going to a spa without the spa price or attitude."

"I've received several massages at other places in Anacortes (what can I say, I love my massages and I'm picky). I'm reminded EVERY SINGLE TIME what I was missing at the other spas and therapists in town. There hasn't been a time after a massage with Rachael that left me feeling let down because the massage wasn't awesome, or the room wasn't ambient, or the massage therapist wasn't as attentive. Rachael knows her stuff, and I've learned my lesson. I will be back!"

"Rachael is friendly, professional, attentive to detail, and talented. Her space is well thought-out with a relaxing vibe. I'm a student and my shoulders get tight from all the reading I do. Rachael loosened them right up, and there was an unexpected but awesome side effect: I felt energetic and incredibly focused the rest of the day! Rachael cares about her clients. You bet I'll be going back."

"Rachaels space is comforting, serene and inviting. Rachael was so warm and friendly from the get-go; I never felt rushed, especially when my services were over. Rachael's simply amazing. My only regret is that I live in Canada and only come through Anacortes once a year. I would become Rachael's regular client in a heartbeat!"

"I really don't know what more can be said about Rachael. She is the best. Her room is restful, relaxing, smells great and has a very comfortable vibe. Rachael is very good at what she does, she reads your body like a map. She has helped my shoulder a great deal and I never have any soreness or pain the next day. She is constantly checking with you as to what is an issue for you. I have never fallen asleep before during a massage, but I did last week with Rachael. If that's not relaxation, I don't know what is."

"I was recommended to Rachael and after reading the reviews on her website I was eager to try her place. I was surprised that it surpassed what I expected. Rachael provided not only water, but a very relaxing heated neck roll and eye pads. Excellent and professional massage. She's courteous, friendly and the whole experience was very nice. I am referring all my friends and coworkers at the refinery and have already made plans to see her monthly - she is that good!! As I said, Rachael surpassed all the other therapists and spas I've tried in Anacortes and around Skagit."

"I have been going to Rachael for a year now, and it just keeps getting better! Getting a massage from Rachael is as helpful mentally as it is physically. I feel like I'm in an alternate universe when I'm there! The relaxing decor, the calming music and candles have a calming effect that is the perfect preparation for a massage. As others have mentioned, Rachael pays great attention to detail, and she tailors each massage to the individual and their current situation. I have very specific preferences and she remembers these every time and asks what I need for each visit. I have never had a massage from another therapist that I didn't leave thinking "I wish they had just done this...", but that is not the case with Rachael. I always leave feeling completely relaxed and pleased with the massage I received."

"Rachaels massages are fully therapeutic. Rachael has extensive training in many different therapeutic techniques. I've suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain and headaches, and her massages alleviate these symptoms for me every time. I can't recommend Rachael highly enough. If what you want is a relaxing spa quality massage, that's what you'll get. If what you need is serious therapy, you'll get that too!"

"As a fellow massage therapist I must say that Rachael does a fantastic job. She listens to what you need and then works diligently to make it happen. I enjoy all the extras included in the session; aromatherapy, warm eye and neck pillows, fresh water. I have a wonderul experience every time."

"I can say one of the highlights of our summer vacation in the San Juan Islands (2010) was finding Rachael. We have been going to other therapists (and spas) around the islands for years; until we met Rachael. We are now regulars and will be visiting our cabin a lot more. Rachael is the best local therapist in the San Juans we've found who offers the highest quality, experience, technique, atmosphere, professionalism and compassion. We really enjoy her personality and she has an intuitive sense of touch. It is wonderful to receive a massage from someone you trust and cares about you and your needs. Rachael is located in a comfortable and quiet professional business office with an beatiful and peaceful setting. Rachael is a therapist who really cares about how you are doing and what your body is feeling. She listens to you and does a great job to ease tension, pain and injuries. You can feel comfortable asking for more or less pressure, and she lets her clients know during a session if you need something different. Rachael has a healing touch. As I already said we have been receiving massages in the islands for about 15 years and I can tell you your body will feel much better after an appointment with her."

"I went to Rachael after hearing about her from my coworkers at the refinery - and they were right, Rachael is the best! I go in stressed out and aching from my physically exhausting job, and I leave feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed. I have trouble sleeping from all demands of my job, but I sleep like a baby for days after Racghael's massages. Seeing Rachael makes weeks of stress and tension melt away. She is awesome at finding the spots on your body that need an extra few minutes of attention and really working them. Rachael really make her massages better than your average spa massage."

"I recently had a massage with Rachael (at the recommendation of a family member) and it was simply amazing. Seeing as I love getting massages I've been to every therapist and spa in town; but my experience with Rachael was unique to any other I have ever had. Every aspect of my time was perfect and it accumulated into truly relaxing and wonderful experience. The first thing I noticed was when I walked into her; it's so peaceful. She really has made her room warm and inviting thus creating a space where you feel safe and relaxed. After just a few minutes talking with her I already felt great...and I hadn't even had the massage yet! Now for the actual massage... Rachael is very communicative with you to make sure she focuses on the areas you want or the areas you are having trouble with. Also, if you don't want something touched just say the word. I personally hate my feet being massaged so she steered clear and I was extremely happy. I've had massage therapists before that get so stuck into their routine that they forget to specialize their work for each individual client. Towards the end of the massage Rachael brought out a warm neck pillow and a warm, soft cloth to cover my eyes. This was my favorite part! The warmth and the pressure just made me melt. How I felt then is how I want to fall asleep every night. Simply amazing. And finally, Rachael uses aromatherapy which is just one more detail that adds to your overall experience. But of course, as with everything, aromatherapy is totally optional. Yes, this is a long review but it could be much longer. I just had to make sure to share how simply wonderful Rachael is as a massage therapist. It's so rare to find someone that is doing a job that you can see is their true calling. She's professional, kind and warm. If you schedule a massage with her you are in for a serious treat."

We are conveniently located in downtown Anacortes in a location where you can still find peace and quiet. Our office is inside Jennings Chiropractic on the corner of R Avenue & 33rd Street in Anacortes (previously the Salon Bella Bella building). We accept cash, check and gift certificates.

Rachael Whittall (Owner/Therapist)
Rachael is a Licensed Massage Practioner with over 16 years of professional massage experience.

3218 R Avenue
Suite A
Anacortes, WA 98221
(located in Jennings Chiropractic, parking available)
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Professional massage specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Maternity/Prenatal, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Injury, Relaxation and more. On site Chiropractic Services available.

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Cash, Check, Gift Certificates

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Due to ongoing changes in the insurance industry, we are no longer accepting medical insurance.

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